Autonomous Landmine Detector

ST1 can fully automate the process of landmine detection, which can significantly speed up the process and avoid personnel losses. Comparing to unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) it is cheaper, faster, more manoeuvrable and can be used on any terrain.


  • Visual detection of surface landmines (MON, POM-2, PFM) and artillery shells using computer vision algorithms and machine learning
  • Reliable detection of sub-surface landmines (TM-62, OZM-72) at altitudes up to 70 cm using two metal detector searchcoils
  • Reliable detection of low metal content landmines (TM-62P3, PMN-2)
  • Estimating landmine position with 10 cm precision
  • Digital minefield map generation
  • Powerful onboard microcomputer to process signals in real time

ST1 is fully autonomous and works x4 times faster than human sapper achieving similar level of accuracy. It is easy to operate and to scale.

Proprietary Spinner scan algorithm allows scanning wide lanes at one pass with high accuracy achieved by scan redundancy, i.e. each point is scanned multiple times by each searchcoil. See it in action on the video below.

Landmines are detected in real time. Results can be exported to Shapefile, GeoJson or QGIS format for easy integration with any external GIS software.